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AutonoSky and Workswell: A Powerful Partnership for Thermal Aerial Imaging

Publish 26 June 2024

By: Daniel

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We at AutonoSky are thrilled to share the news of a ground-breaking partnership with Workswell, a pioneer in cutting-edge thermal and infrared imaging technologies. This collaboration, which combines our innovative Autono1 multirotor drone with Workswell's cutting-edge cameras, represents a major advancement in drone imaging technology.

About Workswell

Founded in 2010, Workswell is renowned for its innovative thermal imaging solutions. Their products, such as the WIRIS series, are integral in fields ranging from industrial automation and fire safety to precision agriculture and search and rescue operations. Workswell's commitment to quality and technological advancement ensures that its cameras deliver precise, reliable data, making them indispensable tools for numerous applications​.

The Power of Collaboration


By integrating Workswell's thermal cameras with our Autono1 drone, we unlock a myriad of possibilities for consumers and industries. The combination of aerial mobility and thermal imaging provides a versatile platform for a range of uses:

  1. Precision Agriculture:

Farmers can utilise the drone's thermal imaging to monitor crop health, identify irrigation needs, and detect pest infestations early, enhancing yield and reducing resource waste.

  1. Search and Rescue:

In emergencies, Autono1 equipped with a Workswell camera can quickly locate missing persons or assess disaster-stricken areas, providing vital information to first responders.

  1. Industrial Inspections:

Our drone can access hard-to-reach areas, perform detailed inspections of infrastructure such as power lines, wind turbines, and pipelines, identify faults and prevent potential failures.

  1. Fire Safety:

Early fire detection systems can be enhanced with thermal imaging, allowing for rapid identification of hotspots and reducing the risk of large-scale fires​ (Workswell)​​ (Workswell)​.

How does this benefit you?


The Autono1 drone and Workswell's thermal technology are combined in a way that goes far beyond business. In a variety of consumer applications, this strong solution provides a potent tool for enhancing effectiveness, security, and well-informed decision-making. This combination improves operating capabilities and offers affordable options for thorough monitoring and data gathering.

A Shared Vision for the Future

Our shared dedication to advancing innovation and providing our clients with outstanding value unites AutonoSky and Workswell. This strategic alliance sets new standards for performance and excellence by demonstrating how cutting-edge technology can meet the changing needs of many industries. We have no doubt that this partnership will open the door for revolutionary developments in aerial photography, improving the future of innumerable industries.

Elevate your operations today by visiting our website or contacting the team for more information. Experience the power of innovation with AutonoSky and Workswell!

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