AutonoSky was founded to drive the innovation of aerial systems to assist rescue, fire and security organisations in their operations. We leverage breakthroughs in AI and robotics to ensure safe and efficient operation with the ultimate goal of saving lives and preserving conservation.

Introducing the all new

AutonoSky’s R&D team is currently hard at work experimenting with expanding our airframe fleet; advanced, bespoke flight controllers; and developing custom ground control stations. Check back soon as we will be adding these to our product offering as they mature.

Amit Ramdath
What drives us

We are passionate about developing drone technology with the impact of saving lives and preserving conservation.

Innovative design system

Building a drone that flies like the AUTONO 1 is just the first step. Our customers’ success depends on our comprehensive and integrated ecosystem that ensures in-field success.

Interchangeable Payloads

There are different types of payloads for different applications. Most commonly cameras are fitted as a default payload, but drones are also capable of carrying payload delivery mechanisms.

Engineering Team

Our strong engineering team is dedicated to creating innovative solutions that enhance our integrated flight platform.

Ground Station

AutonoSky’s ground control functions seamlessly integrate with our other solutions. This allows us to conduct automated flight missions, manage flight data on the cloud, and collaborate across projects to efficiently run drone programs.


We recognise the value of establishing partnerships within our present focus industries: search and rescue, fire-fighting and delivery.


We have designed specific standard operating procedures (SOPs) that enable the inclusion of drone technology as a licensed drone operator.

Live Streaming Platform

Our streaming solution, ESP (extra sensory perception), consumes, analyses and distributes payload data in realtime.


Our multipurpose heavy-lifting drone.


Increase situational awareness.


Payload delivery mechanism to deploy fire retardant balls.


Introducing Autono1, our multipurpose heavy-lifting drone. We designed Autono1 from the ground up to maintain sufficient flight times at increased payload capacities.


To increase situational awareness, we developed a streaming solution, ESP (extra sensory perception), to consume, analyse and distribute payload data in real- time. ESP streams live video and data from a drone to end users: pilots, operators and a control centre(s).

The uniqueness of our solution is our ability to incorporate AI to draw insights from the stream. Our payload capabilities enable us to provide reconnaissance to control centres to address the incident.


Fire fighting requires rapid response times. The ability to immediately impact a situation within the small containment window is essential!

Firefly has been under constant development and prototyping for the past year to bring the end user a safe, reliable and redundant payload mechanism used to deploy fire retardant balls to contain and (or) extinguish fires. 3D printing, CAD designs and stress analysis have helped us rapidly produce prototypes for testing; thereafter costly machining and carbon fibre cutting is done. Firefly is equipped with a microcontroller, redundant power supplies, a visual targeting system and multiple actuators for reliable operation.


In order to legally conduct a commercial operation using UAVs, both the drone and pilot(s) will need to operate under a RPAS Operating Certificate (ROC) which is issued by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

AutonoSky is in the final stages of acquiring our ROC from the CAA. This will enable us to partner with organisations as a licensed drone operator. We have designed specific standard operating procedures (SOPs) to enable us to operate drones for the intended purpose of accelerating the inclusion of drone technology in their operations.


Operations with the intended purpose of accelerating the inclusion of drone technology.