AutonoSky leverages breakthroughs in AI and robotics to create drone technology and related platforms that can save lives. Our solutions offer you speed and accessibility with the potential to impact a multitude of applications and industries.

Autono 1

Introducing Autono1, our multipurpose heavy-lifting drone. We designed Autono1 from the ground up to maintain sufficient flight times at increased payload capacities.

Obstacle Avoidance
Max Payload Capacity
15 kgs
More Flight Time
Up to 40 mins
Positioning Precision

To increase situational awareness, we developed a streaming solution, ESP (extra sensory perception), to consume, analyse and distribute payload data in real- time. ESP streams live video and data from a drone to end users: pilots, operators and a control centre(s).

The uniqueness of our solution is our ability to incorporate AI to draw insights from the stream. Our payload capabilities enable us to provide reconnaissance to control centres to address the incident.


Fire fighting requires rapid response times. The ability to immediately impact a situation within the small containment window is essential!

Firefly has been under constant development and prototyping for the past year to bring the end user a safe, reliable and redundant payload mechanism used to deploy fire retardant balls to contain and (or) extinguish fires. 3D printing, CAD designs and stress analysis have helped us rapidly produce prototypes for testing; thereafter costly machining and carbon fibre cutting is done. Firefly is equipped with a microcontroller, redundant power supplies, a visual targeting system and multiple actuators for reliable operation.